Kenny Dubroff is a Disabled Veteran and Full Stack Developer

... who fell in love with coding at a very young age beginning with Basic, writing a few programs for a very old Apple computer, and TI-calculators which used a language similar to Basic. In 1998, he learned HTML by reading a tutorial and copying designs from existing websites.

Today he builds apps and websites in several languages, both front-end and server-side. Though admittedly not a great designer, Kenny is an excellent front-end and back-end developer, focusing on meeting current development standards in order to ensure a familiar and recognizable front-end experience while at the same time ensuring best practices in the back end for speed and security.

In addition, Kenny focuses on attaining above average google analytics scores, such as session time. One way he does this is by using as much interactivity as possible on a web page. Many designers rely on javascript to handle interactivity, but a (small) percentage of users elect not to use Javascript at all. The good news is CSS3 includes a robust animation framework with some pretty neat features.

Majorly concerned with security, having learned various hacking methods in the '90's for the sake of web security, Kenny always has security on his mind. Whether it be the end user's security, or the client's security... It's of little use to have a working feature that compromises security!

Easy-going, but leaning toward perfection... Kenny has been hailed as easy to work with - though a bit of a stickler when it comes to doing things a certain way. Kenny is happy to meet a client's requirements, but not when it means compromising a website or application's integrity or functionality. After all, what is a man if not for his reputation? Kenny proudly stands by his work, and can't do that if something isn't working efficiently and accurately.