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This is Kenny Dubroff

I'm a Full Stack Developer

I like to see a project come together, and I like to have a hand in every aspect. I'm certainly a Jack of All Trades - BUT I'm also becoming a master of iOS Development. I believe in unique, engaging front ends that surprise and delight users, and back ends that are not only fast, but provide data in a way that makes sense for the front end in a given application or website. I also love to teach others and watch them grow!

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I'm ready to work as a

Front End Developer

Front End Development is important to get information to your users in a meaningful way. As a Front End Developer, I focus on a seamless transition from back end to front end, and an engaging User Experience.


Back end Developer

As a Back End Developer, I focus on presenting information in a way that's meaningful to the front end in as fast a way as possible while also ensuring scalability.


Full Stack Developer

Full Stack Developers are vital to ensuring communication between back and front end teams. As a Full Stack Developer, I also like to stay up to date on current technologies, as well as focusing on being able to implement them so I can teach others to do the same.

This is what i do



Familiar web and app design is important so your project is easy to navigate. It's equally important to be memorable and unique!

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Back Ends

Front Ends have enough going on with animations, communication, complex logic, and more. Your Back End should be fast!

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User Experience

“Want your users to fall in love with your designs? Fall in love with your users.” - Dana Chisnell

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Front Ends

Today there are many devices and many screen sizes. Your app and/or website should look good on numerous screen sizes

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Web and iOS App Development

Web and iOS App Development is where my passion is